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Re: Ex-Albanians
« Reply #30 on: October 14, 2019, 11:09:59 PM »
The Drekalovici branch of Kuci, which stems from a certain Drekale/Ndreka, were Catholic Albanians up until the 17-18th Century. It's believed that the conversion of Lale Drekalov (Ndreka), chief of the Drekalovici, from Catholicism to Orthodoxy in the 17th Century is what led to the conversion of many Kuci members to Orthodoxy, and with time the majority became Slavic speaking. In the early 17th Century the Drekalovici of Kuc were referred to as "Chuzzi Albanesi ". The Mrnjavcevici branch probably became Orthodox and Slavic speaking earlier on, oral tradition states that they arrived as Catholics from Shkodra.

We should remember that a part of Kuci in Montenegro still is Albanian or aware of their Albanian ancestry.

As for the Bjelopavlici and others, I'd say that they became Orthodox and Slavic speaking before Kuci did.

Thanks for the answer because I was curious as to if any of these tribes were already Orthodox and became Catholics later on

Prekaz is Kuqi Albanians right? That would make me 1/4 Kuqi

Ujkan Vushaj

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Re: Ex-Albanians
« Reply #31 on: October 15, 2019, 03:31:36 PM »
Thanks for the answer because I was curious as to if any of these tribes were already Orthodox and became Catholics later on

Prekaz is Kuqi Albanians right? That would make me 1/4 Kuqi
I don't think there is any evidence suggesting that they were originally Orthodox but then converted to Catholicism. Kuci oral tradition claim that both branches of the tribe were originally Catholic but converted to Orthodoxy, the oldest churches built by the Kuci were also Catholic churches.

Yh, Prekaz is inhabited by Albanian families that hail from Kuc. Based on results from the neighbouring villages (Ternac and Galice) that also have tradition of origin from Kuci, the Albanians from Prekaz should be E-L241.


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Re: Ex-Albanians
« Reply #32 on: October 16, 2019, 01:14:01 AM »
Hi! I am opening this thread to list the very interesting cases of previously Albanian families, brotherhoods and tribes who used to be Albanian but have been assimilated into another ethnicity. Most of the modern descendants of these lines are in complete denial, so we can help them rediscover their past by bringing evidence of the truth. Fortunately, this evidence can now be enhanced by genetic data.
I would like to write about serb families from Kosovo who are of Albanian descent, whose ancestors assimilated, converted to orthodoxy and became Serbs 200-300 years ago.

Family Dabiq from Nerodime e Eperme near Ferizaj is originally from Mirdite, from the fisi Fani. Their ancestors converted to Orthodoxy in the late 18th century.

Then the Dimiq family from Ranilug. They are, by tradition, from Mirdite, and they came to Mirdite from Montenegro for blood revenge. In the Mirdites they converted to Catholicism.
Family Radivojeviq from Sredska near Prizren, is originally from Kabash in northern Albania. They fled Kabash for blood feuds.

Family Stefiq (Kastratoviq-Kastrati) from Gjakova, by tradition, they are originally from Kastrat in northern Albania, where they came from long ago.

Family Pirkoviq from Lubizhdë near Prizren, they are originally from Mirdite and they were catholic.

In the end, my family. We are from Sllatina near Vushtrri. We came to Sllatin from Drenica. According to one tradition, we are originally from Moraca, which is refuted by DNA testing. According to another tradition of us and our relatives, we are originally Latin-catholic Albanians and we have relatives in the village of Vesekoci in Bajgora. I wrote about the origins of my family in the Eupedia. I did the testand i belong to haplogroup R1b-BY611>Z2705*. But it can't be confirmed which tribe my ancestors are from until i do the BigY test.

Dimiq from Ranilug was tested and belongs to haplogroup I2a, which confirms that they are not from Mirdite. Dabiq was also tested, but his result is forbidden to publish, but I can only tell you that he does not belong to the fis Fani.


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Re: Ex-Albanians
« Reply #33 on: October 16, 2019, 01:27:30 AM »
Yeah, from what I have gathered there were two brothers that first settled Prekaz. One of the brothers along with his son moved out, father settled Galice while his son moved to Ternac. Kuqi of Ternac and Galice have tested and both villages are L241. So it sort of checks out thus far. Based on that tradition of theirs Prekaz should be L241 as well, at least majority of the village. Would be nice if we could test them, though.
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