Autori Tema: Albanian mtDNA  (Lexuar 2750 herë)


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Albanian mtDNA
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The Illyrian Warrior

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Albanian mtDNA
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Yeah, just unspecified.
Do you have my rawdata nigga? If you wouldn't mind, convert that shit into 23andme rawdata and put in this link


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Albanian mtDNA
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Can anyone who has access to the project make a spreadsheet with common mtdna haplogroups? (I know it's not much interest to you guys  :D )
Are there some clades which are specific to certain regions or clans?

Many thanks

I did fullmtdna out of curiosity. My clade was H11a2. I uploaded to a database that Ujkan mentioned where this guy does haplo specifications for MTDNA.

The oldest examples of H11a2 both come from Germany. One of the ancient Germans who carried H11a2 was a Celt, the other was a Germanic-Suebian.

I belong to H11a2+146* which is likely a separate H11a2 subclade but is not yet officially recognized. So far most samples of H11a2+146 are from Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, , Macedonia and Serbia.

H11a2+146 is likely a H11a2 subclade unique to southeastern Europe. My mothers mother was born in Shkoder, on the border of Montenegro. So, possibly her distant maternal ancestor was Montenegrin?

Most of my matches within the last 3-500 years are German, Austrian, Italian, and Hungarian, with some scattered matches in Kosova, Greece and Bulgaria. My guess is it could have been transmuted during the Austro-Hungarian Empires inception.